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Mowing the Lawn

Try not to cut the grass for 24 hrs. after liquid chemical applications are applied so that the weed control can adhere and move through the weeds. If granular treatment is applied you may cut grass anytime.

When can I walk on my lawn?

Allow one hour after applied applications.

Do I have grubs?

A sure sign of grubs will be dead or brown grass that easily pulls out of the ground by hand. Look for spots that appear to have been dug up, because assorted animals might be digging through your lawn to get to the grubs.

Will rain affect the lawn treatment?

As long as it does not pour within a few hours your lawn treatment will be fine. Rain is actually good for granular products.

When is the best time to aerate and overseed my lawn?

The best time to aerate and overseed lawns is three weeks after the fall weed control application.

Why do I have weeds after treatment?

We spray for broadleaf weeds, not grassy weeds. Certain weeds take a specific treatment to eradicate. Bare spots in your lawn create a good breeding ground for weeds, so remember to plant grass in those areas.