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Turf and Pest Control Services

Here are some other important turf and pest control services we offer:

Core Aeration

Most people are not aware of the benefits of aeration, yet it is one of the most important treatments for a healthy lawn. Aeration helps reduce this compaction and keeps your soil in the best shape possible.

Annual core aeration treatments help reduce the thatch layer buildup in lawns. Core aeration is a great way to keep your lawn happy, and improve the soil it grows in. For thin fescue lawns or problem lawns, it is a good idea to overseed the lawn after aerating.

Newly aerated fescue lawns provide an almost ideal environment for growing new grass seed. This will help fill in those bare or thin spots, giving you a thicker, healthier turf grass that will crowd out weeds and help prevent new weeds from developing.


Works well for lawns with larger bare areas that need to be filled in. We use a broadcast spreader to overseed a lawn at a rate of 4lbs per 1000 square feet. If it doesn’t rain within several days, please water in every other day.

Perimeter Pest Control

Our perimeter pest control protects your living space from invading insects with our regularly scheduled outdoor treatments. This program treats an 8–]10 foot wide band around your entire home. We will treat all areas within this band including grass, mulched beds, driveways, etc. The idea is to keep insect populations to a minimum in the areas immediately outside your home so you do not get insects inside your home. This is a great way to control insects without having insecticides applied inside the home.

Flower Bed Weed Control

Are you tired of weeds invading your valuable landscape beds? Our weed control service targets both weed seeds and actively growing weeds throughout the growing season to enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Disease and Insect Control

For trees and bushes under 35 feet. Especially for bagworm control in mid-summer.

Our Promise

Your property is important to us—it’s our business. During our visits we make sure that hard surfaces are clean of any product residue, and that all trucks and equipment are kept clean and calibrated to ensure proper amount of chemicals are being applied.

We pride ourselves in sticking to basics! We will NEVER try to sell you something that is not needed, nor will we make menacing phone calls to promote our business or products—that’s a guarantee you will always have from us!